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Toned and trim arms catch the eye and give the indication of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

We all know that health as a whole is not defined by just physical characteristics, but taking care of our bodies is a big part of it.

So why not work on an area that is often exposed and used on a daily basis?

Check out these heart-pounding exercises that help you work towards arms of steel!

Day 1

For a beautiful scenery and arm pumping workout, check it out this video from Tone It Up:

Day 2

Here is another arm workout that is considered intermediate-advanced if you want more of a challenge:

Day 3

For a full upper body workout, this is an oldie, but goodie from Fitness Blender:

Day 4

Last, but not least, here is a high-energy arm workout from the lovely Cassey Ho and no equipment is needed:

This is also a perfect sitting exercise for those who are unable to be on their feet.

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What are some of your signature arm workouts?

Much Love,


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    • Haha! Yes, I figured I would mix it up a little. I’m sure the ladies would like to see some guys around here, too;) Have a great workout and an amazing week ahead!

  1. I already commented about arms but my comment vanished .
    I said you were really an expert in fitness, Nena, and you associate physical exercises with a well balanced diet.
    This is efficient
    Love <3

    • Thank you, Michel:) And I wonder where that comment decided to disappear to:/ I simply believe in taking care of ourselves from the inside/out:) Much Love to you!


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