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Have you ever wondered how much of an impact one simple act of kindness truly has? Some may think that their actions barely affect others, if at all, but time and time again we see the ripple effect of our doing, whether good or bad.

We have enough hurt and pain in our world and it is about time more of us are ignited to spread hope. Results inspire most of us because we are inclined to continue doing something that works.

Love On™ Revolution’s mission is “to improve the world; one radically selfless good deed at a time” with a simple wristband.

For the first time in human history, we have the ability to use cutting edge technology to easily & clearly quantify the Ripple Effect of your actions, and we’re doing just that — via stories, photos, videos, and our interactive Love On™ Map.

So, how exactly does it work? All it takes is 4 easy steps!

Step 1: Purchase a pack of Love On™ wristbands and register their unique code at

Step 2: Be “love in action” and pay it forward within 3 days.

The following are some examples provided by the Love On™ team on how to give, big or small, from the heart.

Love On Revolution examples of paying it forward

Step 3: After paying it forward, give them your wristband and ask them to do the following:

1. Enter the wristband’s code online and share the story, picture, and location of how they got loved on.
2. Pay it forward to someone else within 3 days, pass on the wristband, and keep the momentum alive!

Use the hashtag #LoveOn when sharing stories on social media for the whole world to see!

Step 4: Track the exponential effect of your good deed in the interactive Love On™ Map at

Here is video that explains it all:

As social beings, we are significantly affected by what goes on around us and it is incredibly enriching when we are able to experience joy, peace, hope, and love from others.

“We believe if we all try a little harder to be a little kinder and live a little more bravely, there will be a much brighter future for us all.”
– Part of the Love On™ Revolution Mission

The Love On™ Revolution team also takes into consideration the importance of taking care of our planet and they pay it forward by planting a tree for every purchase on their site.

To be able to see the impact of our deeds is exceptionally motivational and keeps the momentum of kindness going.

Thank you Love On Revolution for inspiring us all to Love On!

Share some other creative ways that we can #LoveOn in the thoughts section below and spread the love in social media!

Much Love,


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  1. Being the recipient of an exceptional act of kindness today, I am most certainly looking forward to paying it forward to someone. I love this series, it helps keep us focused on what’s most important…which is all that is good in the world.

    • Isn’t it such an amazing feeling?! It is much more rewarding when we pay it forward remembering the effect that it has:) Thank you, Tasha! I think coupled with your Funny Fridays we have positive vibes to end the week with:)


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