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The summer heat is rising and with layers of clothing coming off we need to get our sexy back…literally.

A chiseled back not only looks attractive, but it also helps with maintaining a strong posture to support and keep your spine in its proper position.

Plus, when you stand up straight you instantly look more radiant, confident, and a few pounds lighter.

So let’s get that sexy back!

Day 1

Day 2

Here is a standing workout that requires no equipment and is short if you need to ease your way into exercise:

Day 3

Day 4


If you suffer from back pain or simply desire to ease some of the soreness from this week’s exercises, give this great stretch a try:

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Share how you will be getting your sexy back in the thoughts below and remember to let others know the link-up here!

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  1. Oh yeah! Sexy back – love it! (By the way, JT is now in a loop in my head!)
    I really like the stretched for back pain, awesome for an old arthritic like me!


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