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Warming up helps get the workout started and cooling down brings it to its proper close.

Just like the warm-up, the cool-down could be anywhere from 5-10 minutes and you want to focus on bringing you heart rate down and stretching the muscles that you just used.

Cooling down will reduce tightness and soreness in the muscles and bring your body back to homeostasis to reduce the risk of harm or injury.

Check out this great video that summarizes the importance of always including a warm up and cool down in your workouts:

Let’s keep it cool with the following post workout routines…

Day 1

Here is a video I have used many times, especially if I am very short on time:

Day 2

Millionaire Hoy has such great energy and I get a kick out of how he names some of the exercises:

Day 3

Want a little extra time to “cool down and unwind”? Try this video:

Day 4

There can easily be a love-hate thing with foam rolling, but it truly does wonders for tight, sore muscles. Give it a shot:

Day 5

Here is a 10 minute cool down and stretch that will complete your workout nicely:

This is will be the last Move It Monday party so go ahead and share your links below to motivate us and keep everyone moving this week! Just be sure to show some love to any other links that may be available.


Infographic – Sculpt Those Arms!

“Do you want to follow Madonna, Michelle Obama and a variety of online influencers in pulling off the sculpted arm look? It seems that many women do, and it can easily be achieved within just a few weeks through suitable exercises.

It’s easy to understand why the toned arm look is so coveted. As stated above, many influential women boast neatly-toned arms and females around the world often aspire to be like their idols in as many ways as possible. Also, the arms are often the most prominent part of the female body and having toned, sculpted arms will inevitably enhance the appearance of the entire body. If you have impressively toned arms, you may even get away with slight flab elsewhere going under the radar.

This infographic by Supplement Mart gives an insight into the sculpted arm craze and also recommends a variety of exercises to help you along the way. Plus, there are some vital tips included so that you are going the right way about sculpting your arms, as exercising improperly could do more harm than good in the long run. Check out the infographic below.”



Workouts can pack some heat so make sure to cool things down. How will you keep cool after a workout?

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