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The end of July already! This month went by in a blink and I know I have been out of the loop for a bit. My absence in the blog world was partly unexpected and partly intentional.

Last month was full of many surprises, good and not so good. I mentioned that I would go out and explore more to share my experiences with all of you.

I did go on a wonderful trip with the family last month and I wanted to write about my previous trips to inspire the desire to discover the world around us. I started writing about my trips and then things got in the way.

I set out a schedule for myself to write and post on the blog and it worked perfectly the first week of June, but as Father’s Day was approaching, things got busy with preparing for the big day.

We did an Italy-inspired theme and served homemade lasagna to make all the dads feel extra special.

The day before the Father’s Day celebration one of our girls, Zoey, got a really bad urinary tract infection and spent a very rough few days while she recovered. Thankfully, the vet found her to be very healthy otherwise for a golden girl of 15 years!

Also, before we left on vacation there were several lay offs at work and it hit me very hard because one of my close and very dedicated co-workers was one of them. She is amazing and has such a positive and cheerful disposition about the situation, but it was very unexpected and heartbreaking nonetheless.

Then, after coming back from our family vacation I could not find the motivation to write. So many tragic events going on around us with terrorists attacking and killing innocent people that I could not find it in me to blog as usual.

I did not feel right writing about workouts, recipes, or exciting trips with everything that was happening. I felt as though a moment of silence, peace, and healing was needed, which is why I extended my hiatus from blogging.

My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to everyone directly affected by all the recent deplorable acts and for humanity as a whole because it does impact all of us.

We all may not have the opportunity or the means to be directly involved with helping the victims and families of the calamities that happen across the globe, but we can spread love, peace, and joy to those within arm’s reach.

The theme for this month and the upcoming one is to celebrate. Celebrate the lives of those around you, cherish your loved ones, and soak in each moment spent with them. Things can change with the blink of an eye, but instead of living in fear, we should take joy in every moment we’re alive to experience.

Speaking of celebrating, I had a wonderful birthday celebration this month that I shared with one of my best friends (Amber) and awesome loved ones. For those of you who are curious, I am now 32 years young and loving it!

There will be quite a mix of things coming up on the blog as I am catching up and there will be sprinkles of cheer throughout to remind us all to celebrate life!

How has your month been?

Much Love,



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  1. Great post! Well written about the tragic things that sadly have happened.
    Glad to hear about the cheery things going on in your life as well. Happy Belated Birthday 🙂


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