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In a world where we witness abundance and affluence, we also encounter poverty and deprivation.

Many people we pass by are wandering the streets without a place to call home. Certainly, we may each recall a time we gave a gentleman holding out a can some change or an elderly woman struggling to stay warm on the side of the road a hot meal, but there are other small things that can go a longer way.

Don’t get me wrong, providing change and/or a hot meal to someone in need is an intensely kind gesture because simply acknowledging a human life is invaluable. However, there are other items that are rarely donated that can make a huge impact for the homeless.

Homeless care packages are a perfect way to put together items that are often overlooked such as toiletries, socks, undergarments, and feminine products.

One of my former classmates from graduate school, and very amazing friend, got together with her equally extraordinary friends to put together homeless care packages in our area.

The following is more information about the care packages they are putting together:

If you are near the Miami-Dade area in Florida and would like to donate some items you may contact her via her Instagram account @meshell813.

Not in the area or prefer to provide a monetary donation? You can do so via their Go Fund Me page here:

Feeling inspired to do the same in your area? Check out this great post on what items to include and omit in a homeless care package:

Homeless Care Package Tips

To my beautiful friend, Michelle,

Keep shining and illuminating the lives of those around you with your sparkling heart!

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference”

– Kathy Calvin, CEO & President of the United Nations Foundation

Spread the word about homeless care packages across social media to expand the impact!

Much Love,


If you would like to share some pay it forward ideas, stories, and inspiration and/or if you know of someone or an organization you think should be highlighted in the series feel free to contact me at YOUnfolded@gmail or on my contact page for the opportunity to be featured! This is my way of paying it forward to all of you 🙂

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14 Comments on Pay It Forward | Homeless Care Packages

  1. O! This is love Nena…lately so many of the beautiful mission are just popping up from children to adults! Clearly the vibrations are universal. You are so right–I can’t begin to imagine how much these packages did for the beautiful spirits that receive them. As a woman, I do know this would have filled my heart with hope and sense of acknowledgement. ♥ Thank you for sharing!

  2. A great idea! We were talking about this just recently and how we want to make some packages up. Thanks for sharing and helping to spread some love and compassion around the world!

  3. Many organizations already offer this service, so if anybody is interesting in donating, but is not into the organizing aspects, please call your local churches, womens groups etc, These groups can identify which areas tend to have the greatest need and coordination can eliminate (e.g.) one area being generously serviced while another area is neglected.

    I would also highly recommend toothbrushes and toothpaste. These are often given away to customers by dentists, so some will support you generously with these items.

  4. That’s awesome! A group of my friends and I did that last summer, it gets hot here in Phoenix so we included water in each bag we gave out. It’s not something I talk about often because I don’t want to taint the spirit in which we did it but it was so amazing to be able to come together each bringing what we could. Together our few items we purchased in bulk became a lot and we were able to donate a couple hundred bags between us. We put the box with all of the goodie bags in our car whenever we got in it and I’d let my daughter hand the bags out and she always brings up that experience and is always looking to see what we can give to someone in need. Hats off to your friend and her amazing group of friends <3

    • I’m so happy you shared your wonderful experience because it doesn’t taint the spirit at all;) It enhances the spirit of giving:) You are also very inspiring so continue to let your voice be heard!

      • I don’t like boasting about it because that taints it but I wasn’t coming from a boastful place which is why I wrote about it because I was just sharing a similar experience 🙂 Aw thank you so much, just trying to live Mother Teresa’s wise words- not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love. <3


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