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Technology continues to advance and it has broadened job opportunities for many, however it has also lead to a more sedentary lifestyle for the most part.

People are spending more time in front of a computer screen and are most likely spending a lot of time sitting down as a result.

Standing workstations can be a worthwhile investment to get you on your feet more, but it is also important to strike a balance between sitting and standing.

While studies and surveys report standing at work can reduce pain, improve mood, increase productivity, reduce the risk for certain diseases and ailments, and lead to a healthier body mass index, too much standing can be detrimental as well.

Here is a great infographic that lays out the facts about achieving the perfect sit-stand balance:

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Sit Pretty or Stand Tall? The Advantages and Drawbacks to Staying on Your Feet at Work
Infographic by Quill

To get us all to stand up for our health throughout this week, give these exercises a try…

Day 1

Barre exercises usually take place standing next to, you guessed it, a barre. The following video does not require a barre at all and is ideal for loosening up the body after a long day of sitting:

The video is short enough to do during a work break and is great for all ages and activity levels.

Day 2

For a standing workout that includes strength training try this heart-pumping video:

Please don’t do the exercises on a chair with wheels!

Day 3

A strong core promotes a healthy posture when sitting or standing. Try this amazing standing abs workout to strengthen your core:

Day 4

This last video is titled perfectly to remind us to “Stand Up and Stretch”:

“If you feel like you aren’t able to move forward, focus on standing strong right where you are.”

– Unknown

Will you stand for your health?

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17 Comments on Move It Monday | Standing Exercises

  1. Good Post Nena. Our lifestyles are in general REALLY bad from the perspective of life longevity and overall health so this area must really be understood…. and acted on accordingly. Great job drawing attention to it! 🙂

  2. This is all good info! I’m an accountant so I really liked all the statistics, plus all I do is sit down at a computer all day so it’s all relevant. I can tell a huge difference in my body and energy since I started working 8 years ago!

    • Thanks, Jasmine! I am with you! I used to work at a hospital where I was moving all day and now I work from home in front of the computer all day and it takes a toll:( I do not regret investing in a standing desk because it makes a huge difference!

  3. Thanks for the great and informative post Nena! We need to have a balance between sitting down and standing up. There are pros and cons between those twos but doing too much of either is not good.

  4. Great post! One of the things I love about a Fitbit is it lets me see when I’m sitting around too much during the day. I think it’s easy to get involved in work and forget to move. I’m usually on the move at work but when I have an office day I try to get up at least once an hour to walk around.

    • Thank you, Daisy! Oh, I miss my Fitbit! I had an old one (they don’t sell it anymore lol) and it broke:( Been considering saving for a new one because it was very motivating.


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