Move It Monday | Stability Ball Exercises

Move It Monday Stability Ball Workouts

As more companies are increasing awareness on the importance of worksite wellness, the stability ball or Swiss ball has replaced many desk chairs.

Stability balls do exactly what their name claims; support body stability by promoting balance and proper posture. In order to maintain balance, the body needs to use all the muscles as a whole unit.

The primary benefit of stability balls is that they challenge the body to engage all the muscles throughout each exercise. Plus, stability balls are very inexpensive, can be used at home, and can bring the fun back into a workout.

Let’s bounce over to the exercises for this week!

Day 1

Work up a sweat with this full body workout:

Day 2

For the following upper body workout, you don’t need weights to feel your muscles pumping:

Day 3

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly simple and easy-to-do moves! Once you do a few repetitions, you will feel the burn:



Day 4

You can also use the stability ball to work out your lower body with the following video:

Day 5

The following stretches feel so good and are perfect to finish off a fantastic week of moving it:

I had a great time adding the stability ball in my workouts! I also felt the burn since I introduced a new challenge to my muscles. But I enjoyed preventing my body from reaching a plateau.

Have you used a stability ball before? I now use it in place of my desk chair when I am not standing up instead 🙂

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    • Hi, Adele! Your comment was a sweet ending to my day:) Thank you so much! You have an awesome blog, too! You look amazing in your fashion post with the cami and trousers:)

  1. Really want one of those balls, but I’d have no where to put it in the house! My boss has one in replacement of her chain by her desk too! I wish I could too but a lot of my work requires walking away from the desk as it is, so meh! Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks, Jessica! I didn’t know where to keep mine for a while and now I just keep it under my desk:) That’s great that you walk a lot! That is one thing I miss since I started working from home, but being home has it’s perks, too:)


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