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green tea with white tea cup younfolded blog tea timeI can’t believe we are in mid-September! I feel like I have been playing catch up throughout this entire year and we are nearing the end of it! I still feel so far behind and especially with blogging.

During our previous cup of tea I talked about taking time to celebrate life by spending quality time with loved ones. I have been cutting time from the blog and social media to enjoy my extra time with my hubby.

We both spend a lot of time thinking and doing for others, which we sincerely enjoy, but it has cut our own time short. Lately, I have been making sure to unplug from technology at the end of our workday to chat over dinner and be more present with one another.

I have also disconnected myself from my phone when I am around friends and family to cherish our moments together and spark more conversation. Although I have been itching to get back to writing blog posts, I do not regret taking the extra time off from blogging to regroup and find a steady life rhythm.

A huge announcement that I would like to share is that my husband and I are looking into purchasing a home. We are both first-time homebuyers and are trying to educate ourselves as much as possible to make sure we are making the right moves. I am excited and also a bit apprehensive because we are planning on moving to another region of Florida that is about 4 hours away from where we live now. But we are praying and learning about the whole process to decide what steps we will take. To be continued…

I found a really fun challenge that I thought would be great to kick start my blogging routine:

#LazyBlogging September Challenge

The September #LazyBlogging challenge is meant to help bloggers achieve a blogging schedule that works for them and maintain it.

I am late in starting it, but NOW is always the best time! I also set out a schedule for myself once again on the days I will write and post. One of my major challenges is making sure to get enough sleep and rest so I am prioritizing my health over blogging. Therefore, I may not stick to the #LazyBlogging schedule indefinitely, but I do plan to keep a more even paced posting routine.

If you would like to join, make sure to follow the guidelines on the picture above and tag @lazyblogging on Twitter for retweets.

When I am not actively posting on the blog, I am making an appearance on social media to keep up with fellow bluddies and make new ones!

We can stay in touch at any of the following and I follow back all my blog friends:






I am going to be honest. I find it rude when someone follows just to get me to follow back and then unfollows me. I periodically check for unfollowers and I return the favor if you do so. Most of you may know by now that I am all about giving and supporting, but if it is not appreciated I will focus my energy elsewhere. Hope this sounds fair enough 😉

In the spirit of celebrating life, here is a touching and inspiring video my father shared with me:

How do you maintain balance and excitement in your life?

Much Love,


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  1. Hope the challenge helped 🙂 that last bit about the following jolted me hard. I’ve had to unfollow a lot of blogs recently for it became overwhelming to me. Hope to follow them back soon. But i am curious , how do you actually know if someone has unfollowed you?

    • Hi! So nice to hear from you again:) The challenge helped but the weather didn’t 🙁 Had to deal with a hurricane :/ The unfollowing is more with social media and not with subscribers on the blog. Not sure how to see who unfollowed you on the blog unless you go through your followers list and notice they are no longer there. Hope you are well:)


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