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One of the previous Move It Monday posts featured home workouts that mirrored some of the favorite types of fitness classes, like spinning and dance classes. But there are some classes that can be difficult to emulate at home.

As a fun ladies day out, I joined a friend of mine at Legacy Fit for a grueling, yet enjoyable bootcamp class.

At Legacy Fit, we work with everybody individually to create the perfect workout, the ideal diet and give inspirational motivation that takes personal training and bootcamps from something to dread to something highly desirable. At Legacy Fit, all fitness levels are welcomed and encouraged to experience a new era in fitness.

– Manning Sumner, Founder of Legacy Fit

Legacy Fit has been dubbed the number one bootcamp and pro athlete gym in Miami with good reason!

The one-hour workout comprised of about 20 stations where you spend 2 minutes doing a particular exercise with 10 seconds rest between each. There was a mix of elliptical & weight machines, burpees, push-ups, squats, you name it!

My friend and I almost passed out halfway through, but we paced ourselves and survived!


We were beat and our bodies felt like jelly, but we had a great time working out together. Taking on the challenge of something outside our regular fitness routine kicked our butt and crossing the finish line together made it an amazing feat!

Naturally, we rewarded ourselves with a delicious brunch after the workout.

Disclaimer: I don’t encourage food as a reward. We were just very hungry lol

“The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph”

– Thomas Paine (paraphrase)

If you would like to me try and showcase more fitness classes outside the home, let me know below and I will deliver 😉

What type of workout is a challenge that you are willing to master?

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