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We often take for granted some of the most basic things; like 20/20 vision, for example. Apart from the daily activities of putting on your eye gear and remembering where you put them, there is also the added health care expense for impaired vision.

When vision is impaired even slightly, there are periodic check-ups that come along with it as well as expensive eyeglasses or contacts.

One in seven people across the globe can’t get an eye exam and a pair of glasses.

One Sight provides access to eye exams and glasses to people all over the world via sustainable vision centers, vision care clinics, and passionate partners.

One Sight Mission pay it forward Friday

Take a look at the vibrant smiles and joyous souls that resulted from One Sight services at The Gambia:

OneSight: Welcome to The Gambia from OneSight on Vimeo.

Vision care is also lacking in the U.S. Check out Adan’s story of how One Sight paved a way to a brighter future for him:

Adan's Magic Glasses from OneSight on Vimeo.

Sight is essential for growth, hope, and for experiencing the beauty around us. Why not be a part of that vision?

There are various ways to support One Sight to continue their amazing work around the world.

  1. Donate
  2. Spread the word
  3. Yes, shop! partnered with One Sight so that you may “Share Your Sight”. Buy a pair of glasses from and they donate a pair to One Sight.

“To do more for the world than the world does for you- that is success.”

– Henry Ford

Thank you One Sight for opening our eyes to those in need and reminding us to appreciate what we have!

Share below at least one reason why sight is important to you. May we all harbor gratitude in our hearts daily.

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  1. What an awesome deal. I love this idea of donating a pair of glasses for ever pair bought. You do such a great job showing us these organizations that are truly helping others. 😀


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