Mexican Fiesta Party

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My mom and a close family friend celebrate their birthday on the same day and as a family we wanted to make the occasion extra special.

We were all short on money and decided to celebrate at home, but who says it can’t still be festive on a budget?

Whenever I plan a part the Dollar Tree is my number one destination for party supplies and fun décor.

My mom is a huge fan of Mexican mariachi music so I decided to make a Mexican Fiesta Party theme.

I already had a few items at home that I could use for the occasion so a few things from the Dollar Tree went a long way.

Here is what I got:

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Here is how I used the Dollar Tree Items:

DIY Cactus Bottle

I got one sheet of green construction paper to cut out cactus stems for a couple of empty glass bottles I had.

I folded the construction paper in half and drew a cactus stem as follows:

Then I folded the paper in half again and cut out the stem I drew.

cutting green construction paper for DIY cactus bottle younfolded blog

I then used double-sided tape to place the cactus cut outs around the middle of the bottle to have a stem come out from each side.

DIY Cactus Bottles dollar tree items younfolded blog

DIY Cactus Fiesta Center Pieces

I cut the bright colored tissue paper in long strips that were 2-inches wide.

two inch wide tissue paper for DIY Fiesta Center Piece

I folded the individual strips in half lengthwise and then cut fringes along the non-folded side.

fringe on tissue paper for DIY Fiesta Center Piece

Then I used the double-sided tape to wrap the strip, fringes down, around an empty and clean candle jar.

wrap tissue paper on bottom of clear candle jar for DIY Fiesta Center Piece

I layered the rest of the candle jar with the different colors until it was completed covered.

DIY Fiesta Center Piece dollar tree younfolded blog

Finally, I blew the green balloons and wrote Vs with a marker all around it to make it look like a cactus and placed them inside the candle jars. Also, both my mom and our family friend’s names start with a V so a served a double purpose.

Fiesta Table Décor

I used the yellow table cover and then placed an old table cloth my grandma had given me on top.

Mexican Fiesta Table Decor dollar tree younfolded blog

I also shredded several sheets of the bright colored construction paper to fill my glass vases for additional decoration.

Mexican Fiesta Table Decor dollar tree items younfolded blog

Chip and Dip Station

I got out all my bright-colored bowls for the tortilla chips and the dips (green salsa, guacamole, refried black beans).

nacho table decor for Mexican Fiesta party younfolded blog

I had some toothpicks with mustaches on them leftover from another party so I taped them to the bowls for an added festive touch.

DIY Nacho Table decor with dollar tree items younfolded blog

The cute donkey piñata I purchased from another dollar store, therefore it was a perfect and affordable addition.

I purchased all the items the night before the party and because the menu was picked out before the theme to food was not Mexican-related.

However, my hubby chef did an amazing job with making delicious food and we all know a good party has to have awesome food.

Lastly, where are the mariachis?

Mariachi Mexican Music via YouTube for Mexican Fiesta Party

We put Mexican mariachi music videos on YouTube to make it feel as though we had a live mariachi band in our living room.

A great party does not need to be expensive or take weeks to plan. Thanks to the Dollar Tree, a little creativity, and wonderful guests our Mexican Fiesta Party was epic!

DIY fiesta time picture border
A very happy birthday to these two awesome people!

*The picture border was reused from our previous Italian themed Father’s day party.

What are your must-haves for an unforgettable fiesta?

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