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Moving our bodies and staying active helps us stay strong and healthy. However, in order to keep moving we need to generate energy and we do so with sleep.

Sleep is essential for replenishment and recovery, and without the proper amount, we wouldn’t be as efficient when awake.

The average amount of sleep an adult needs is 7-9 hours. Studies have shown that due to the rigorous schedules athletes have they function best sleeping 10-12 hours a day. Therefore, the more you move, the more you need to sleep.

The following infographic, brought to you by, illustrates the benefits of sleep and a few useful tips for highly active individuals:

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Athletes are not the only ones that have rigorous schedules. Some of the busiest people I know are fellow women that juggle many hats, such as mother, employee, entrepreneur, blogger, student, wife, daughter and/or friend. On top of all the roles they play, they also find time to engage in powerful workouts, curate delicious recipes, and maintain a dazzling home.

I decided to contact a few hard-working women to put together invaluable sleep tips for everyday hustlers:

1) Erika Agostino, an Italian fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger over at Make Up Fun suggests a DIY sleep spray:
Fill a 3-4 ounce bottle with 2 tablespoons of vodka or alcohol, 10 drops of lavender essential oil, and the rest with water.
Shake and spray (2 sprays maximum) around the bed from about 20-30 cm distance before getting into bed.

2) Read a physical book as opposed to using a tablet or phone.

3) The Magnolia Mamas are two best friends that are busy moms and wives blogging about their everyday adventures along the way. They highly recommended using a sound machine, like the Homedics brand, to aid with sleep.

“The best thing that we’ve done for great sleep is investing in good sound machines. For both us and the kids we’ve learned that canceling out any unnecessary noise helps us sleep better and deeper evening. We even travel with them!”

The Magnolia Mamas

4) Eat lighter meals at the end of the day and do not go to be on a full stomach.

5) Isabella is a young, spunky, and very busy blogger at Isabella’s Choice and as much as she loves to have fun she suggests to “avoid sleeping in on the weekends.” Maintaining a steady sleep schedule promotes optimal energy levels and sounder sleep.

6) Cool things down. Studies have shown that setting the thermostat to around 65 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for sleep.

7) “Take a warm bath before bed.” – Kylie Wenn, lifestyle blogger at, wife, and mother of 3. Relaxing rituals before bedtime help you to wind down to fall asleep faster and remain asleep throughout the night.

8) Avoid bright lights, including from electronic devices, in the evenings and expose yourself to sunlight in the mornings to sleep better and wake up energized.

9) Avoid naps during the day if you are having trouble sleeping at night.

10) Keep moving daily. Research has shown that exercise, light or heavy, reduces stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms, which often leads to improved sleeping patterns.

11) Last, but not least, a comfortable bed and pillows can make all the difference in getting a good night sleep. The average life span of a mattress is about 9-10 years.If it is time for a new bed, check out Casper’s innovative design here! They have a 100 night trial with free return pickup if you’re not satisfied.

How much you sleep is just as important as how much you do when you’re awake. Prioritize sleep in your busy schedule to keep you moving every day.

Share your sleep tips below and spread the word across social media!

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10 Comments on Move It Monday | Sleep like an Athlete

  1. Love this post, as sleep is something I really struggle with. I’m a sleep deprived mom of 2, but now I have fallen in love with intense workouts – so I need even more rest according to this! I use a sound machine and agree that a dark cool room helps too. What I really need to work on is going to bed and getting up at consistent times. – Erin at

    • Hi, Erin! You are rockin’ it! To find time to exercise with a full schedule is tough and you’re doing it! I also struggle with trying to keep my sleeping patterns consistent. Sometimes I really just want to sleep in LOL

  2. I love all those tips! I didn’t even think about some of those but I’ll make sure I’ll try all the ones that I can. Thanks for the feature, babe! I’m glad I can help someone to sleep better with a little tip. xx

  3. I’ve seen the TV commercial for the Casper bed, cute commercial but I’ve been burned by mattress companies before to the tune of big dollars for a bed that was given away it’s so uncomfortable. Yet we were still paying for it. Being single and not sure if I’m staying here in Vegas, I purchased a $40 “air mattress” and sleep like a baby on it!


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