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Pre Run Warm Up ExercisesThe weather has been so amazing now that the summer heat has died down.

We’re still not even close to fall weather here in Miami, much less winter, but it has been perfect for exercising outdoors.

I have been going out for walks and finally got the chance to run several times a week. It has been feeling great!

Always, before any form of physical activity we have to properly warm up.

We talked about the importance of using safe techniques for pre-run stretches in a previous post. The following are several more videos that can be used to warm up and reduce injury before running:


Warm-Up #1

Warm-Up #2

Warm-Up #3

Warm-Up #4

This video is informative and includes great warm up exercises for running:

It has been several months since I have gone out for a run and it has been more than a year since I have done it more steadily. The warm up exercises have allowed me to maintain endurance during running and increase my recovery time to go back out there strong as ever!

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Have you been enjoying the outdoors lately? Make sure you engage in warm up activities before starting your fun and fitness.

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    • Hi, Laura!! Working out overlooking the beach sounds like a dream:) And that you fit in working out on your honeymoon…that’s amazing! I’m a lazy bum on my vacations most of the time lol Kudos to you and looking forward to catching up :$


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