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Dr. Strange movie review spoiler-free
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“Who are you in this vast multiverse, Mr. Strange?”

– The Ancient One


The hubby and I are huge fans of Marvel Comics, especially the movies inspired by them.

The trailers for the film immediately captured our attention because of the incredible special effects and the catchy story line.

Naturally, we had to watch it on IMAX 3D and made a date out of it that just blew our minds!


Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Action

Rated: PG-13

Dr. Strange was directed by Scott Derrickson (Sinister, 2012; The Exorcism of Emily Rose, 2005) and stars Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game, 2014), Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave, 2013), Rachel McAdams (The Vow, 2012), Tilda Swinton (The Chronicles of Narnia Series) and Mads Miffelsen (Casino Royale, 2006).


Dr. Strange is a renowned, yet egotistic, neurosurgeon that assumes a God complex after continuous success despite many reckless and risky actions.

Strange’s narcissistic persona is later tested after a serious accident left him without the one thing he thought placed him above everyone else; his surgical skills.

A journey towards healing leads him to a wise sorcerer who tests his beliefs, shows him that there is more to life than the tangible, and leaves him questioning, “Who is, Dr. Strange?”

That’s a Wrap…

I am biased because I love Marvel Comics and films, however Dr. Strange is up at the top with the best movies!

The Dr. Strange movie is definitely worth the extra money to watch in 3D and if you can do IMAX, even better! The special effects were excellently executed and transport you into Dr. Strange’s world.

The film was also action packed from the beginning with humor intertwined in the story making it fun and captivating in every scene.

The plot and character development is by far the most enlightening from all the Marvel films. Dr. Strange’s core beliefs, or lack thereof, are challenged as starts to experience the wonders beyond the limitations of what we see. He is then ignited to take part in something bigger than himself. How much more inspiring can you get?

I highly recommend this movie because it leaves you with a lingering thought that, although we are seemingly mere specks in a vast universe, we all have the capacity to tap into our unique characteristics and make a major impact. All we have to do is believe.

“You think you know how the world works? You think that this material universe is all there is? What is real? What mysteries lie beyond the reach of your senses? At the root of existence, mind and matter meet. Thoughts form reality. This universe is only one of an infinite number. Worlds without end; some benevolent and life-giving, others filled with malice and hunger. Dark places where powers older than time lie, ravenous and waiting. Who are you in this vast multiverse, Mr. Strange?”

– The Ancient One

Have you seen Dr. Strange yet? What are your thoughts?

Much Love,


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