14 Days of Love Messages to Light the Spark

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Valentine’s Day is known as a day to celebrate love and appreciation for our special relationships. Couples set aside time to have a more elaborate date night to rekindle the fire in their relationship. But who says it has to be limited to one day of the year?

Start a tradition of daily love messages for the days leading up to Valentine’s Day and fall in love all over again.

Handwritten notes on heart-shaped paper or Post-Its is a traditional way to share affectionate messages. But if you’re short on time, in a long distance relationship, or just not the writing type there are many other ways to exchange words of love.

Social media and technology have provided a way for loved ones to stay connected so use that as your virtual Post-It. Send private messages to your partner via Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, whatever you prefer. Send a text or audio message to their cell phone or leave them a voicemail.

Get creative with how you share your love and check out the following ideas for each day!

Simple and creative daily message to express love to your partner

14 Days of Love Messages

Day 1 – I love you for…

Day 2 – Love quote or verse

Write or recite a tender quote or verse. For example:

“I love our story. Sure it’s messy, but it’s the story that got us here.” – How I Met Your Mother

“I have found the one whom my soul loves” – Song of Solomon 3:4

“Better than I was, more than I am, and all of this happened by taking your hand”

Day 3 – I love you because…

Day 4 – Partial lyrics to your song or any love song

You can get quirky and sing the song via a voice changer filter on Snapchat, audio text message, or leave them a voicemail. But if you have the voice (or not), by all means, be romantic and serenade your partner.

Day 5 – I love that…

Day 6 – Love Gesture

Tell your partner how you plan to be affectionate with them later. Examples:

“Tonight we make out”

“A foot rub is waiting for you when you get home”

“I will run the bath for you after dinner”

Day 7 – I love your…

Day 8 – Memory Lane

Recall a sweet memory of the two of you to share with your partner and end if with, “I love you”.

Day 9 – I love how…

Day 10 – I can’t wait until we…

Day 11 – I love when…

Day 12 – I love why…

Day 13 – Compliment

Go beyond the general statements, like “You look hot” or “You are amazing”, and get specific. For example:

“That shirt brings out your beautiful eyes”

“Just being around you makes my day brighter”

“You have earned that job promotion! I am so proud of you!”

Day 14 – The Ultimate Display of Love

Ask your partner, “What can I do for you today?” Offer to help them in either a task that they do on a daily basis or anything else they may need to make their day easier and brighter.

Even if you didn’t start on the first of the month or if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, the 14 Days of Love Messages can be exercised any time of the year to light the spark in your relationship.

What are some ways you share love messages? Let others know how easy it is to keep the love alive by sharing this post on social media!

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Fellow bloggers over at The Magnolia Mommas shared on Instagram how they do sweet, love messages for their children so you can make it a family tradition as well 🙂

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