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Pay it forward and honor lady bosses in your life! @younfolded

We have come a long way when it comes to women in the workforce. We had a female presidential candidate and that alone says a lot. But we still have a way to go.

Recent surveys show that most people, including women, prefer a male boss over a female boss. Studies conducted to find the reason why people have a preference for male bosses have found that “women are penalized for being ‘too aggressive’, even if their behavior is identical to men’s”, rendering them “unlikeable”.

We have long since passed the erroneous idea that women are not competent enough to work, but now there’s the thought that lady bosses are “bossy”.

Women in high positions face the difficult pressures of social expectations on top of doing their day-to-day duties. They also continue to struggle to find support from their peers and sometimes from their loved ones as well.

While there are many reasons debated towards the continued gender disparities, the focus should be on praising the women in leadership positions instead of judging them.

With all of the adversities surrounding them, there are still women that turn out to be butt-kicking lady bosses! So let’s create a shift towards admiring and congratulating women for surviving and thriving!

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many incredible lady bosses through the online community, but I also have the utmost honor of knowing a few boss women personally.

I want to give a shout out to the women in my life that run the world by managing their own business or by holding a high position in their company.

Johanna Lega

blonde girl selfie in car

My sister from another mister (my sister-in-law) is a bona fide lady boss! She started off as a surgical technician working the trenches and is now managing her own surgical team in her company. She travels all over the country with her team and has even helped the company land a huge account when they were in financial distress.

Mariana Gallegos

Mariana Gallegos Keep Collective Designer

My dear cousin is busy as a wife and mom of two adorable children, yet she mastered multi-tasking and earned her degree from home. She is now a top-notch designer for Keep Collective where she personalizes jewelry to create one-of-a-kind stories and memories for her customers.

She designed this beautiful bracelet to go with my word of the year mantra.

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Amber Ranco

Amber Ranco Scentsy & What Makes Me Amber

My brother’s girlfriend, whom in my heart is family, is a creative food blogger over at What Makes Me Amber and is now running a side hustle as a consultant for Scentsy. She has looked her personal difficulties with being social in the face and took a bold step to break free from those shackles! She has come alive through expressing herself with her passion for food and people.

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Stephanie Tinoco

Stephanie Tinoco Nerium Consultant

My long-time friend, divine sister, and loving wife and mother is a woman that wears many hats! She worked as an insurance agent, recently completed her MBA, and she has been steadily increasing her financial freedom as a Nerium consultant.

My personal results after a few seconds of applying the Nerium eye serum

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Caridad Pacheco

Caridad Pacheco Real Estate Agent Living Premises

My sweet friend is a wife, proud dog mom, pharmacy student, and newly licensed realtor. Together with her husband, she is taking the real estate market by the storm which led to the purchase of her dream car!

All of this and she is under the age of 25! If you are in the South Florida area and looking for a realtor, contact via her Instagram @carypachecorealtor or the website Living Premises.

Veronica Leon (my mom)

mom smiling

I saved the best for last! My mom is the lady boss of life! She came to this country at a very young age, speaking minimal English, and leaving behind her first love. Heartbroken and lost she hustled and bustled to make it in the workforce in unknown territory. She is currently in a position where she is invaluable to both of her bosses. But if you ask her, she will tell you her most prized role is being a mother. She single-handedly raised 3 children that, not to toot my own horn, have grown up to be some of the most compassionate and selfless human beings ever!

mother with sons and daughter
My mom, brothers, and me (~9 years ago)

We learned to value others and spread love from you, Mom!

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.”

-Kofi Annan

Much Love,


*I am not affiliated or sponsored for any of the information and links provided. I simply want to show support to my ladies that are rocking it!

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