Move It | 8 Tips to Stay Safe Outdoors

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When the sun is shining bright and there are clear blue skies, most of us want to take our workouts outdoors. But before you move it al fresco, it is important to stay safe out there.

Safety tips when exercising outdoors

Here are 8 tips to stay safe while exercises outdoors:

  1. Wear Bright or Reflective Clothing

    No matter the time of day, it is essential to wear clothing that makes you visible to others. You may also use headlamps or strobe light clips when it’s dark out.

  2. Keep your Eyes Peeled and Ears Clear

    Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Stop at every intersection and look both ways even if you have the right of way.

    If you enjoy listening to music, don’t cover both of your ears with headphones. I like to use my Bluetooth earpiece for wireless and safe listening.

  3. Carry ID & Phone

    Although it may not seem comfortable to carry things with you while you workout outdoors, having a form of identification is vital in case of an emergency. First responders are better able to identify you and gather important information about you if needed.

    Even if you don’t use your phone to track your exercises, always keep it with you to call for help if necessary. Also, keep your GPS feature enabled to track your location in case anything happens.

  4. Don’t Venture Out Alone

    Whenever possible, workout outdoors in pairs or groups. If you’re running alone, stick to areas that are well-populated and don’t explore unknown areas on your own.

    Also, be sure that at least one person knows what you will be doing, where you will be, and what time you plan to be back so they can send for help if needed.

  5. Change It Up

    Changing up your route and time for outdoor exercises not only keeps your workout fun, it also keeps you safe and less vulnerable to crime offenders. If your workout schedule is unpredictable, those who are out to do harm will be less likely to track your habits.

  6. Carry Pepper Spray

    For a non-lethal form of self-defense against violators and/or wildlife, carry pepper spray with you. Consider making your own and having it hooked around your wrist for hands-free easy access.
    *Be sure that the pepper spray you use will not cause permanent damage to any perpetrators or innocent bystanders.

  7. Move Against Traffic

    If you are exercising on a sidewalk or the side of any roads, be sure to move against the flow of traffic so that you are aware of vehicles around you and have time to react if needed.

  8. Safety Tech

    With advancing technology, we have many apps and tech devices available for us to stay safe wherever we may go.

    Thankfully, SimpliSafe is also encouraging everyone to share their own tips for staying safe. They help keep everyone safe through their wireless security systems, so they definitely know a thing or two about safety.
    The following infographic from them includes a few great apps and devices to help you be more secure out there:

Apps and Devices for Running Safety

How do you stay safe outdoors? Enjoy the fresh air and be safe, my friends!

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