Move It | 6 Unconventional Workouts Worth Trying

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(The following is a guest post packed with fun information to keep us moving!)

This year will be a true playground for fitness enthusiasts! It’s all about finding fun ways to reshape existing workouts, adding new tools to amplify the effects of training and make it much more enjoyable, and groundbreaking trends to lift your spirit (some take this quite literally).

With a wide variety of options at your fingertips, you can choose from workouts that are on the ground, in the air, in the water or somewhere in between, all of them designed to take fitness to a whole new level and attract even the toughest cookies among you.

Bored with your workouts? Try these unusual, yet fun workouts that are all the craze!

  1. Aerial Yoga

As if it wasn’t good enough to test the limits of human bendability, yoga has decided to defy the laws of gravity, as well. Redefining the notion of taking a sport to a whole new playing field, aerial yoga has introduced a soft hammock to lift you off the ground while doing your asanas.

Why is this a step up from standard yoga classes, you may ask? Gravity offers greater resistance for your muscles, which allows for greater strength potential. Using a hammock is also perfect for achieving an even deeper stretch while keeping your body in a safe position that alleviates stress from your hips, knees. and shoulders.

  1. Pole Dancing

What used to be taboo has now emerged as one of the most popular dance varieties in the world. Pole dancing combines elements of yoga at the beginning and the end of every workout, to ensure that the dancers are flexible, and it can be practiced in a variety of surroundings.

You can dance to whatever music you prefer, and the outfits range from full-blown sexy stilettos to dancing barefoot and in the most comfortable shorts you have. As a very challenging full-body workout, it develops your upper body significantly, without neglecting your gams as well!

  1. Skateboarding

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Another indicator that this year is all about pleasing the kid within, and realizing your childhood dreams, is the new trend of going back to the skateboarding craze. While you might pretend you are doing it for fitness, nobody will believe you.

But, for the blasphemers, skateboarding actually provides an incredible cardio workout, developing your coordination and balance, and it also makes your core work hard to keep your spine aligned and safe.

For those who turn this into a regular workout, getting high-performance custom skateboards is an absolute must. Not only will you look cool, you will never mistake it for someone else’s board and you will keep your routine safe.

  1. Crawling

If anyone ever tells you that you’re acting like a child, you can simply claim it’s for fitness purposes. Getting stronger and fitter by crawling has become one of this year’s trends, as more and more people are using it not only in rehabilitation but also for its overall fitness benefits.

This simple activity can truly give you a burn, especially for your core and arms, and it offers a variety of movements that let you improve your mobility, especially in your shoulders and hips, which is perfect for any athlete, let alone someone who is recovering from an injury

  1. Mermaid Lessons

Every little girl’s dream is to have a go at living under the sea. That is now possible, with actual underwater classes that let you wear a mermaid tail, and get a workout while you’re there. Although their main allure is the fun itself, most underestimate the effect it can have on your body.

Learning moves such as the dolphin kick and other seemingly simple tricks can give your body the workout of your dreams. Strengthening the core and working with your legs tucked together, it’s no wonder ladies are becoming more and more attracted to the idea of swimming their way to a toned physique.

  1. Kangoo

While jumping alone is far from a new concept in fitness, how about jumping on specially designed footwear that gives you an extra bounce? But that’s not all they do! Kangoo is a high-intensity workout, very demanding on your cardiovascular system, but it also brings more involvement to your legs, your calves in particular.

The shoes alone can be quite useful, too. You can use them for running outdoors as well, and they are very beneficial for your ankles, as they absorb the largest portion of the shock, keeping you safe from injury. Whether you’d like to dance, run, or just jump around, putting them on will increase your endurance, tone your legs and make you feel amazing!

Even though your good old-fashioned jogging and weightlifting still have their place in the fitness world, it seems that this year is all about imaginative innovation. Whether that means bringing back your childhood hobby or suspending you off the ground, some of these workouts can boost your health and even serve as a complementary exercise to your existing routine.

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All of the above are such fun ways to exercise! I might just look for some mermaid lessons in my area.

Which unconventional workout will you try?

Much Love,

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12 Comments on Move It | 6 Unconventional Workouts Worth Trying

  1. Fitness certainly has exploded, there are so many different forms of workouts to do. My favourite is HIIT, quick, fast and doesn’t take up too much time. I use The Body Coach at the moment and his 20 minute different burpee variation workout is so hard but works wonders!

    Great article by Samantha and some interesting suggestions here!

    Laura xo

  2. Omg! These are all so amazing! I’ve always wanted to try aerial yoga but still haven’t and that crawling looks like something I can do right away. I’ve never heard of Kangoo but it looks like such an awesome workout. I love all these unconventional choices. Thanks for sharing love. I hope I can try a few of these someday. Xoxo

    • Hi, Gail! So wonderful to hear from you:) Yes, aerial yoga is something I would love to try, too. They all look so fun and like a perfect way to jazz things up with our exercises:) xoxo


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