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“Timing is everything. When you are really ready for it, it will come.”

–  Mandy Hale

The quote above could not hold truer for me at this point in time. I mentioned previously how I was embarking on starting my own online business, however it has been affecting my inner stillness.

I got extremely excited about this year being THE year that I will be my own boss that I lost sight of where my life is now. Focusing too much on the future was leading me to miss out on the present.

The main reason why I want to be self-employed is to have more time to spend with loved ones and to do the things I enjoy most. But the little extra time I have available at the moment was being spent away from the things and the people I wanted to be around more.

I know that starting a business takes sacrifice, which includes less time with the people you love. However, I have come to realize now is not the ideal time for me to go head on towards a new business.

I currently work full-time doing what I love (nutrition counseling) for a company from the comfort of my home. I have a decent salary and benefits and am not lacking financially at the moment. So there is no dire need to start a business right away.

Also, my husband and I will be moving to our new home in a few months that is 4 hours away from our current residence. That means 4 hours away from our friends and family. I want to be able to take advantage of the short time we have left to spend it with them because we will never get that time back.

When the time comes to focus on new business endeavors, I will know and feel more at peace about it. In the meantime, I can focus more on my loved ones and on writing more posts, which I also have not done in a while.

I am still open to learning a little more each day and I have been active on social media. I recently shared a series of videos compiled from my Instagram stories about what BEAUTY encompasses. You can check them out on my Facebook Page.

6 Pillars of Inner BEAUTY younfolded blog
The 6 Pillars of Inner Beauty

I also became a volunteer for the South Florida Bloggers chapter of The Blogger Union to network and learn valuable information from others that have been blogging for a while. It has been a great experience thus far and if you follow me on Instagram you will get to see some of the action.

If I were to accelerate my goal of starting a business at this time, I would be missing out on the things that have come my way presently. What I am experiencing now is what will mold me to be better equipped for self-employment and a healthy work-life balance.

The lesson to take from all of this is to evaluate the timing of your goals and dreams. It doesn’t mean you are postponing them or procrastinating. It means you are acknowledging that the present time holds lessons of its own that you need to soak in and guide you towards a brighter future.

“Perfect timing is turning limitations into new, creative possibilities”

–  Amy Larson

What is your focus at the present time?

Much Love,


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10 Comments on Tea Time | Timing is Everything

  1. My focus is to build a future that inspires me and makes me happy. I have been inactive for a long while, but I have really enjoyed reading almost all of your posts that I have missed. Best of luck in your plans and in moving. God bless you!

    • Alia, it is so great to hear from you! Sounds like you have an ideal focus in your life:) Hope you continue to seek out your joy and find it! Thank you for your very inspiring words:) Comments like yours help keep me going towards heart work. God bless you always!

    • Jacqueline, you are so wise. Each day is a challenge and a lesson that we must pay attention to before it passes us by. Thank you for your insight:)

  2. My focus is doing things that bring joy and happiness to myself and others. Also, a couple years ago, I moved about 5 hours away from the area where I’d lived my whole life, so I know what it’s like! Definitely make the most of the time you have before you go, but know that you will always stay in touch with those who are most important.

    • That is beautiful, Stephanie:) Spreading joy is rare and extremely needed. And thank you for the sweet support:) You are so right…we will always be in touch with those that matter most:)

  3. I found this post to be very insightful because I think sometimes people can get a little too caught up on the future and miss the beauty of the present.

    No one gets the time they have lost, so I think it’s both very courageous and bold to listen to your inner voice and enjoy moments with ones you value.

    That being said good luck with your move and future plans, your Instagram videos are awesome!

    • You said it perfectly! The present is a gift we should cherish right now:)
      Thank you for the good vibes and for the kind compliments:) I receive them with all my heart and may you be blessed 100 times more in return!


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