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How is everyone’s summer going so far? We have been dealing with storms in South Florida, but there have been a few pockets of sunshine and I want to share what’s new in my life 🙂


I mentioned previously that my husband and I bought a home in Orlando, Florida and our tentative closing date is in October!! We started to purge a lot of things to help ease the packing and moving process. It is much easier to start early so that when the day comes we are not running around like chickens without a head to get things sorted. I might just share some of the things that we are doing to make moving less stressful and I’m open to any tips you may have 🙂

Thanks to Stephanie from Scale It Simple, as well as the support from all of you, I now proudly display The Annual Bloggers Bash Nominated Blog badge!

Bloggers Bash Nominated Badge

Stephanie nominated me for the Most Inspirational Blogger category and I couldn’t be more humbled by her sweet gesture. Let’s all be inspired by Stephanie to express our appreciation and praise to those that lift us up!

Also, I celebrated my birthday this month and went on a weekend trip to Key West with the family. Key West is less than 3 hours away from where I currently live and this was my first time spending a weekend there! Key West is a fun place and I will have to share more about it and my previous travels soon.

Southernmost Point Key West Florida younfolded blog
My husband and I in the Southernmost point of the US in Key West, Florida!


As a volunteer for the South Florida chapter of The Blogger Union, I have been taking part in spreading the spirit of kind collaboration between bloggers through Blogger Spotlight posts and Kind Collaboration videos. You can read more by clicking on the links in the latter sentence.

If you are a blogger in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale (FL), Washington DC (VA), Houston (TX), Greenville (SC), and Rome (Italy)  and would like to participate sign up here (it’s free!).


After attending The BlogHer17 conference, I gained a greater focus as to the types of posts I would like to share on YOUnfolded. I realized I have a passion towards addressing women’s health issues and there will be more posts on that.

BlogHer17 younfolded blog woman smiling
Me at Blogher17

I work full-time as a dietitian and I rarely talk about nutrition on YOUnfolded because, honestly, I want to talk about something else lol. But many of you have shown interest in knowing more wholesome information about nutrition and health so I am going to work on fitting in more holistic approaches to women’s health.

There are also several guest posts that will be featured on YOUnfolded in the coming weeks that are in line with the vision of BEAUTY from the inside out!

The first one that is already posted is the following:

Beautiful Blessings: Conceive After Infertility

Please give it a read and share it with loved ones.

Gift for You

I recently ordered wine from NakedWines.com as a gift for my husband and they provided me with the opportunity to give YOU a $100 voucher for your first order!

By purchasing wine from Naked Wines you are supporting independent wine makers across the globe. Each bottle comes with a unique message from the winemaker and, according to my husband, the wine is of great quality and delicious!

Get your $100 voucher here!

What topics within the realm of women’s health would you like to know more about? I look forward to your suggestions.

Much Love,


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5 Comments on Tea Time | What’s New?

  1. Yentl! I have missed you! <3 I hope all is well with you. And happy belated birthday! I love your future plans!

    I am once again out of my hiding and hopefully I will have more time to write, that should be my future plan (amongst others).

    • Maggie! It is such a pleasant surprise to hear from you:) I saw that you’re engaged!! Congrats and thank you for the bday wishes:) It is always wonderful to be graced with your presence:) I will catch up with you in your blog. Your future plans sound wonderful, too!

  2. Yay! I am so happy that you now have the badge on your blog! Blogger support is such an important and motivating part of blogging and I was happy to nominate your blog as your posts are so inspirational and full of love.

    Also, really cool that you were able to attend the blog conference. I wish they had things like that near me. Such a cool experience. Best of luck on your future blog endeavors! Cheers!

    • I can’t thank you enough! You inspire me so it was so humbling to know that I inspire you as well:)
      Hopefully at some point you can at least meet up with other bloggers even if it’s not an official conference. It is always a refreshing boost to be around like-minded people:)
      May you also have tons of success on your blog and anything else you set your mind to! Xoxo


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