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The Dreamland Company has the cutest pajamas for women! Mommy and me styles coming soon! Check it out!

What is more powerful than kindred spirits coming together for a common vision? The Dreamland Company is the result of two women joining forces to fill a need in the fashion market. More specifically, in the pajama genre and it made dreams come true…literally.

Lynn Sasso and Melissa Wexler, the founders of The Dreamland Company, saw the need of comfortable and feminine sleepwear shortly after becoming mothers. They experienced a huge gap in women’s sleepwear that were either sexy lingerie or long, unflattering nightgowns. The former nor the latter helped in feeling beautiful in their own skin.

Additionally, Melissa went through an elective, preventative double mastectomy after a positive BRCA gene. During her time in the hospital, she longed to ditch that dreary hospital gown and have something that would serve a functional purpose and be easy to get on and off. She also yearned for something that would make her feel comfortable, dazzling, and uplift her spirits.

When two driven souls combine they create spectacular from simplicity. The Dreamshirt is the simple, yet innovative solution both Melissa and Lynn provided to women everywhere for sweet dreams with comfort and style.


The Dreamshirt is a cute & comfy PJ for women! Mommy & Me styles coming soon!

The Dreamshirt is empowering women around the world to own their beauty. But it is not only the product itself that brings light, but the glow from within the two powerhouses behind the brand.

Here are some fun facts about Lynn and Melissa:


They’re both fighters who strongly believe in the contagiousness of positive outlooks and good vibes.

In facing challenge they share the mantra – Fight, don’t fall apart.

Fearlessness runs through their veins.

Both women buy into trusting your gut. If there’s something inside you telling you to act…DO IT!

Who runs the world? GIRLS! Watching other local women, like Jennifer Haley and Jennifer Zeuner kill it in their respective industries, lit a major inspirational fire under both of them.

Lynn and Melissa,

You Ladies Rock!!

I had the pleasure of trying the Dreamshirt and I loved the comfort! The pajamas are a cotton and spandex blend for ease of movement and they are soft to the touch. I would love for petite sizes to be available though. I got an XS and the length and sleeves were too long. But it did not take away from me sleeping well in it.

The Dreamshirt Closeup soft cotton and spandex pajama for women younfolded blog review

I especially loved the personalized note from Melissa and Lynn. Feels good to know you are supporting great people for a thoughtful cause.

The Dreamland Company business card pajama book review younfolded blog

I also enjoyed the reusable bag the Dreamshirt was packaged in. You can use it to travel with your Dreamshirt, as an everyday bag, or to pack your beach/poolside essentials. The material is sturdy and washable.

The Dreamland Company Bag Dreamshirt review younfolded blog

Sleep happy with your own Dreamshirt here. They are made in the USA and Mommy and me styles are coming this fall so check them out!

The Dreamshirt from The Dreamland Company review younfolded blog

Sweet dreams are precious!

What is your comfy sleep style?

Much Love,


*This post was sponsored by The Dreamland Company in exchange for my honest review.

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