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Happy (belated) New Year! This will be the last Tea Time post for the site and there is an opportunity for you to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card on me! Let’s have a nice chat over my favorite hot beverage (tea, of course) to give you an update of what has happened, what is happening, and what is yet to come.

End of 2017 Recap

At the start of December, hurricane season is officially over; literally and figuratively on my end. Most of us are aware of how devastating this past hurricane season was. The most prominent ones were Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean and Florida, and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

I live in Florida and my husband and I were living in an evacuation zone at the time. We had to evacuate with enough food and water for a few days along with our girls (our dogs). We also spent time making sure all our family members were prepared and safe.

Hurricane Irma did not cause tremendous damage to our area, thankfully, but it did bring with it major chaos. Gas stations were running low and the few that were open had lines that were at least a 60-minute wait. Traffic was impossible due to the evacuations and it caused traveling times to double. Not to mention water, batteries, and plywood were completely depleted from the stores.

We were without power for week and we were staying at my mom’s house where 8 others, 2 dogs, and a cat were staying; not counting my husband and I with our 2 dogs. Because I work from home, I was without work for a week and each day I was concerned about whether my time off was going to be compensated. To top it off, we were in the middle of packing for our new home.

At the end, everything worked out and things are better than imagined! My time away from work was compensated. We are now in our new beautiful home and we are in love with our new city!

Even though posts on the blog took a back seat to everything above, I was able to engage with more of you through Instagram stories via monthly challenges. The videos will be posted on YouTube soon so be sure to subscribe here to see them once they are up!

Here’s a preview:


Through the challenges I was able to connect more with some of you and due to the positive feedback there will be more coming soon 🙂

And speaking of connecting more with you, I would like to know how to better serve YOU and help YOU shine & gleam in 2018! YOUnfolded is about YOU after all so take a few moments to fill out the following survey and enter for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card on me:


The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Monday, February 5th! Just in time for Valentine’s Day!


Tea Time posts will now be sent monthly via email instead of as a post on the site. I want YOUnfolded to be more about YOU and a little less about me.

Videos will make a comeback and Livestreams will make a cameo on YOUnfolded to share more WHOLElistic health tips, beauty tips, & recipes for women on-the-go.

There will soon be a FREE 3-Day mini course called 3 Days to More Free Days: Maximize Your Time, Make More Happen, & Stress Less!

Last, but not least, we have a new addition to our little family:

Welcome, Nomi ❤️❤️ The new addition to our little family🤗 – I took a long break from social media to be more present in my REAL life. Social media can consume our time and our sanity through comparison. We start to think that a certain number of likes & followers validates us. And we fall into a cycle of feeling “less than” if we don’t have “the perfect feed”. All this to say that most of what we see on social media is curated & not a true or complete representation of what’s REAL. Being more present in your life opens doors for REAL opportunities and blessings that are both tangible & intangible…like our new little puppy 💕 Be more present in your REAL life, even if it means less likes & less engagement on social media. Because nothing compares to liking more of your real life moments and engaging more with loved ones that you mean the world to and remind you You’re More Than! ❤️ – #mindfullife #reallifetalk #wholelife #wholeliving #wholelistic #beautyineveryday #beautyineverything #thebeautyrd #bepresentnow #puppyface #puppiesarelife #loveinfourlegs #youaremore #pawsome #tuesdaymotivation #youarebeautiful

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Nomi will have the occasional appearance alongside Princess Leia & Zoey 🙂

So to stay in the loop enter your info below & click the INSPIRE ME button if you haven’t already!

What are you looking forward to most this year?

I’m looking forward to hearing/reading your thoughts below…

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